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Lmao yes
7 hours ago by Stephwheel8
I think we messed up again

We both used substitute
14 hours ago by Stephwheel8
Yeah, sounds good.
1 day ago by Ignis Aqua Herba
I think we will.
1 day ago by Stephwheel8
Considering it is tomorrow, I might need an extension. I'll try to battle asap, sorry for keeping you and the others waiting
1 day ago by Ignis Aqua Herba
During my searches of this dogfight meta i found somwthing concerning: sash
Because of no weather setters (automatic ones), and no hazards, nothing can immeaditiely break sashes. Possibly the only things carrying two hit moves are scyther and salamence. While it may not sound bad in combonation with other things, im ot entirely sure
Sash dd gyrados with moxie and flail+waterfall
Gyrados almost always gets a dd off here, and can carry taunt to prevent boosters. Because of minimal defensive investment, a single hit (likely the strongest one of the pokemons movepool) will do a relative lot to gyrados. Also, waterfall+flail coverage is unresisted
Having a 120 and a Possibly 200 bp moves, as well as moxie and dd, might be a threat. Of course, you could say, rocky helmet can stop this

Next example: sash np tornadus
Because of torndaus's decent bulk, as well as being able to heal off damage that allows sash to be used after taking damage, it gaurentees a np, and heat wave+air slash decimates the opponenent.

Course, there are  other example of possibly sash abusers, and idk if you think this is banworthy, but I do think its something that should be brought up, and because people might no have thought about It much, it should be brought up
Ultimiately, the players can decide weather or not its banworthy, but id likely to at least have them think about it, but of course you can decide. Anyway, thanks for reading through this and I hope you consider it :)
3 days ago by DrowsyDrakloak
Alright, thanks for letting me know.
5 days ago by Ignis Aqua Herba
what's your country
Apr 11 by Hellfire Taco
Alright, thank you!
Also i might play idk for now so we shall see
Apr 4 by DrowsyDrakloak
* also when are you going to announce the bans?
Apr 4 by DrowsyDrakloak