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You have incited the wrath known only to those who dare to say the numbers in my username wrong. Prepare to be smitten.
5 hours ago by KRLW890
hey i want you to say something stupid to me thanks
1 day ago by SeeYaLater!
Who's Joemama?
3 days ago by Deathrider
Eat coal.
4 days ago by Deathrider
Coal doesn't have prancing birds on its packaging.
Coal weighs more than twice as much as cereal of the same size.
You could kill a man with a pound of coal in your hand.
Coal sinks to the bottom of a bowl of milk.
Coal won't crack if you bite too soft, coal will chip your tooth of you bite too hard.
Coal sits like a rock in your tummy if you swallow.
4 days ago by Deathrider
Nov 27 by wokeboke
uh oh sisters moment did you visit the backrooms
Nov 25 by wokeboke
Nov 24 by Jimmy⠀
and I oop
Nov 15 by Jimmy⠀
suck my nose
Nov 15 by Jimmy⠀