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Wall for Felix⠀ (page 2)

I messaged them on Tuesday and they didnt get back til like Friday or Saturday, then yeah I was a little late to reach out to them on Saturday and we can’t play today. Sorry ab that, hopefully an extension isn’t too inconvenient
Mar 5 by PsyKlone
We'll battle tomorrow, so we need an extension
Mar 5 by Talos
can I ask for a time extension? it’s cuz I’m unavailable today and psyklone gave me the wall post last minute.
Mar 5 by nachos
In that case, can I call inactivity? I tried to schedule something with Talos more than 2 days ago, and he/she/they/it has not responded.
Mar 5 by sumwun
i can't say what word it is because i would be banned if i did, dumbass
Mar 3 by Fizz
I think you should be able to say the h word (h*ck) (I censored it to avoid offence)
Feb 27 by Fizz
Ok, thank you.
Feb 27 by J™
Feb 26 by cranpper
why did you say that to me and turn my words around like that..........
Feb 26 by cranpper
is it pickle
Feb 23 by cranpper