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Hello, So I want to have a Gallade with Thunder Wave. But the TM is post game. But Ralts can breed with several Pokemon who learn Thunder Wave via level up. If I breed both, Will I get a Ralts With Thunder Wave?

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Which game are you asking about? Inheriting TM moves works differently in different games.

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Prior to Generation VI, if the father knows any moves that are TMs or HMs in that game (and in Crystal, moves that are taught by a Move Tutor) that the baby is also compatible with, it will inherit the move. If a genderless Pokémon breeds with Ditto, the resultant baby will inherit any compatible TM or HM moves that the genderless non-Ditto Pokémon parent knows.

So Ralts will hatch knowing thunder wave if its father knew thunder wave when laying the egg.

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No sadly. You cannot breed Thunder Wave on Ralts via breeding. You can teach Ralts Thunder Wave through TM in some Gens though.
How I know:I looked it up at the move thing for all generations Ralts is in.
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All TM moves are breeding moves in Platinum, unless the Pokemon is in the undiscovered group.