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I am trying to get a male Ralts to learn false swipe, mean look, and hypnosis so I have a great Pokemon catching machine. I've been trying to breed but it hasn't been working. Help please?


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Well first you should get a MALE Gastly with mean look and breed it with a FEMALE ralts. You should get a ralts with mean look. Make sure the baby ralts is MALE. Next go to Lumiose City and in one of the poke centers you can buy tm 54 false swipe from the mart in the center. You'll need that for later. Then level up the ralts to level 40. At level 40, ralts will learn hypnosis. Let it evolve into kirlia. Then use a dawn stone on kirlia. It will evolve into Gallade. Then teach it false swipe. Then you're done!

Hope I've helped!

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Here is a few things You only need to breed ralts for mean look because ralts can't learn false swipe and it learn hypnosis at level 45, level 53 for kirlia

Breed a female ralts, kirlia, or gardevoir with a male Gastly, haunter, gengar, Misdreavus, Duskull, dusclops, dusknoir, yamask, or cofagrigus with mean look to get ralts with mean look.

Breeding a male ralts is a 50/50 shot for male or female so it could happen on the first set of eggs.

For hypnosis I would train ralts to level 45 holding the everstone to have it learn hypnosis then evolve it into kirlia then gallade.

Gallade learns false swipe as a TM move so there you go.

Hope I helped