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So, I have that 6 IVs male Ralts with a Naughty nature and a 5 IVs female Ralts with Adamant nature, missing IV being Speed.
Is there any way to get for sure a male baby with Adamant nature and more than 3 or 4 IVs?
I gave the father a power anklet and the mother an everstone, would that work? Or should I keep counting on luck to finally have my Adamant male?

IV's are kind of random, so I don't think there's a surefire way for you ensure good Speed IV's.
Haha, yes. I just got a 5 IVs Adamant male, minus Sp Atk. I'm definitely gonna keep this one.
Thanks for replying. :)

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There's no guaranteed way to get the 5IV male Ralts, but since you're breeding 5IV and 6IV parents, the only real problem will be getting a male with 5IVs.

1 – Give the Adamant female Ralts an Everstone to pass down her nature.

2 – Give the male Ralts a Destiny Knot. This passes down any 5IVs between the two parents and greatly increases your chance of getting a 5IV baby.

3 – Breed! Keep hatching those Eggs until you get the Ralts you want. There's no telling how long it could take; I got my 5IV male Marill on my 12th Egg, while another time it took me 45+ Eggs to breed a 5IV male Shellos. Just be patient, and you will eventually get the right Ralts.