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I'm very new to the whole IV thing, so I have no idea which of these three Ralts I've bred would be better to raise into a Gardevoir. All three are Timid nature with Trace ability. IV calculations according to bulbapedia's calculator are in the parenthesis.

Ralts #1
lvl 5
- HP: 18 (4-23)
- Atk: 7 (10-29)
- Def: 8 (10-29)
- S. Atk: 11 (30-31)
- S. Def: 10 (30-31)
- Spd: 11 (30-31)

Ralts #2
lvl 28
- HP: 61 (26-29)
- Atk: 24 (29-31)
- Def: 23 (14-17)
- S. Atk: 39 (31)
- S. Def: 31 (23-26)
- Spd: 39 (31)

Ralts #3
lvl 32
- HP: 69 (28-31)
- Atk: 27 (28-31)
- Def: 27 (19-21)
- S. Atk: 43 (29-31)
- S. Def: 37 (30-31)
- Spd: 40 (20-23)

If you're interested in competitive online battling, you should really look into getting a Ralts that has all perfect IVs (Attack isn't really necessary though). If you don't you are disadvantaged right from the beginning, as everyone else will use perfectly-bred Pokemon against you. It isn't very easy to get perfect IV Pokemon, but there are a number of guides online that can help you get a good Ralts even without a 6 IV Ditto to breed with.
By the way, if you didn't know, you can find your Pokemon's IVs almost exactly in Sun/Moon if you've hatched more than 20 eggs. If you have, talk to the Ace Trainer in the front of the Battle Tree and you will get a "Judge" feature in the PC that shows your Pokemon's IVs graphically.
If you have a Generation 7 game, you can raise these Ralts to level 100 and transfer them to the Generation 7 game. In Generation 7, there's a way to make your Pokemons' stats to behave as if they had perfect IVs, so you don't need to breed for perfect IVs.
Ideally you'd want to evolve it before you reached Level 100.

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Ideally you want Gardevoir to have perfect IVs in everything except Attack.

EDIT: Sorry, that wasn't answering the question. Go for the third Ralts as it has better IVs in Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed than the other two. Attack doesn't matter.

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This doesn't answer the question. He asked you to name one of the Raltses.
I meant that it would be better to breed a Ralts who has perfect IVs (except in Attack) than any of his three Ralts.
That still isn't the question. They asked which of those 3 specifically is the best. They're not asking for an alternative, they're asking about those specific 3.
Fair enough. In that case, the third one as it has better IVs in Special Attack, Special Defence and Speed.
Then edit that into your answer.