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So I have been breeding for either a shiny ralts or a ralts with good stats. I have 8 different stats ralts, the rest are the same as these, so I want to jnow which one is better to use competitively? They are all currently level 1 and have the same moveset (Destiny bond, Encore, Memento, and Shadow sneak) The Ralts are as follows:

  1. Nature: Bold Ability: Trace (Female)
    Atk: 4 Def: 5 SpAtk: 6 SpDef: 6 Spd: 6

  2. Nature: Docile Ability: Trace. (Male)
    Atk: 5. Def: 5. SpAtk: 6. SpDef: 6. Spd: 6

  3. Nature: Impish. Ability: Synchronize. (Female)
    Atk: 5. Def: 5. SpAtk: 5. SpDef: 6. Spd: 6

  4. Nature: Docile; Trace; Female

  5. Nature: Docile; Synchronize; Female

  6. Nature: Docile; Trace; Male

  7. Nature: Naughty; Trace; Male

  8. Nature: Calm; Trace; Female

That's it. I kind of prefer a Gardevoir, but if a Gallade works, then I'll go for it.

Anyway, these aren't that great. You need a better nature. Perhaps Careful (Gallade) or Timid (Gardevoir) ?
Somehow, the first one has the best stats for LC Ralts.
Ralts has no place in any serious lc team
Except as a suicide lead I guess.
Im pretty sure the ralts was meant to evolve. Bold and trace is the best option for a dual screener, so go with that

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Go with number 8. Its best for battle in my opinion.

3 or 6 or 2 or 1 or 8 are all great choices
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Number 1 is a good option. Bold lowers it's useless attack stat (unless you're running a gallade) and gives it more defense. 6 special attack and speed is good for a level 1 Pokemon. It's lowest stat is attack, which it won't need anyway.