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By Butterfly/Moth Pokemon, I mean Butterfree, Beautifly, Dustox, Vivillion, and Mothim. I guess you can put them in order on how good they are.

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None of the above. Volcarona wins.
I'm only talking about these ones, the more common ones.
I think Vivillion is the best having both a high SpA and Spe stats.
High? HIGH!? You call 89 and 90 together HIGH!? I call it PATHETIC!
yeah, minime, those are pretty low stats
Vivillon has Powder. 'Nuff said.
Powder sucks :P

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Well, they're all NU. If you want a Bug or a Flying type, there are better candidates.

I personally rank them in this order:


They all have access to Quiver Dance, but Vivillon has access to Hurricane and Sleep Powder, which will be near 100% accurate with Compoundeyes. Butterfree is second because of Compoundeyes + Sleep Powder, which means a near perfect accuracy Sleep Power. Mothim next because it can run a Tinted Lens set, but is way too frail and doesn't have Sleep Powder to set up. Then Dustox because it lacks any powder moves, but it's got a half-decent typing. Then Beautifly last because it's got crap abilities, stats and a subpar movepool, all on top of poor typing.

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come on fondant, unless you were typing slow, I already had a decent answer up
I type very slow; playing PMD at the same time doesn't help...
Also I gave my reasons for my choices, which seem to differ from yours.
fine then
I have to admit, Fondants answer was very detailed and self explanatory. It had reason and actually helped answer the question. Nice one Fondant! =]
Thanks fondant!
Dustox in showdown is OP.
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Mothim has the highest base stat total, but Vivillion has the best spread and the second highest BST. That's in terms of Stats

4.Beuatifly-Dustox(Both suck)

In terms of Movepool

  1. Vivillion-Butterfree-Mothim(both have pretty equal movepools)
  2. Beuatifly-Dustox(smaller movepools than the ones above)

Overall, it seams Vilvillion is the best

How exactly do you use Mothim if it's better than Butterfree? What's its purpose? I've seen Butterfree on PS, but not Mothim.

If you're saying it's higher due to BST, I see where you're going.
Nice answer!
thanks SB
I'm talking about BST yes, but butterfree is better than mothim in stat distribution
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In that case, don't bother. They're all horrible.

Except Butterfree and Vivillion's capability to Sleep Powder and then Quiver Dance. The others have been useless to me, and all of these reside in NU except Vivillion who is to be determined.

I'm telling you, all of them < Volcarona, who is in OU and has quite impressive stats compared to those $#*%'s.

< = are inferior to

I'm not thinking of having any on my team. I would just like it if someone compared all of them, maybe list their pros/cons?
In THAT case, I'm not sure I can help you.

Just know this: All cons outweigh pros.
Jeez, I sak at typing
I know what < means,  I'm not a dummy. Yet my friends might say otherwise x)
I know, I just like the emphasis on 'inferior'
I can tell. But yeah, I agree on your opinion on them. I just asked because i like hearing ppl's opinions :)
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In my opinion Vivillion seems like the best option and I rank them in this order however the best option in stats is Mothim.

  1. Mothim
  2. Vivillion
  3. Butterfree
  4. Beautifly
  5. Dustox

In terms of moves I'd say Viviillion and Mothim have a pretty good movepool.

Can you add details as to why?