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Similar to my question about the best Butterfly/Moth Pokemon, which of these Cat Pokemon are best:


Just list them in order of greatness, with the first one being the best/most recommended and the last being the least recommended. And be sure to give pros/cons of each and also tell why they are good or not. Thanks!

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Haha yeah then you could argue because Mew's design is based off a cat then Mewtwo's must be a cat because it's a clone of Mew xD
That's exactly true
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Actually I think Mew looks more like a kangaroo rat than a cat.
Really? ...I don't see it.

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Depends what you want to use them for? E.g. Persian and Purugly as out right attackers, Liepard for annoyer and Delcatty to faint on the battlefield after your opponent laughs at you.


  1. Liepard
  2. Persian
  3. Purugly
  4. Delcatty

Imo Prankster Liepard is exceptional. It's better than Klefki at T-Wave/ Swagger/ Foul Play because it gets STAB from Foul Play. It also gets Encore, which will allow it to set up.

Purugly would be better than Persian if the latter didn't have Technician. They're both fast, both have STAB Fake Out and Return, both have U-Turn to scout, but Purugly has more bulk and Persian has slightly more speed.

Delcatty is just a competitive joke. Horrible stats, small move pool, and even though it gets some good support moves like Heal Bell and Wish, it has such bad bulk that it can't utilise them.

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Thanks! I hate Delcatty too
I'm sorry, u guys are just being mean, Delcatty can be good :P
you could use delcatty, teach it a couple of really good moves, and take out their talonflame with Thunderbolt (tm) while they are still laughing at your Delcatty... maybe...
I know its pretty bad, but if you wait till skitty learns Double edge, THEN evolve it, it could be alright
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Persian being the best
Then liepard
after that Delcatty
then purugly
persion:Like Meowth, shoot for Timid, but avoid Hasty, if you want to focus on Speed. If you want to bolster Defense, go with Relaxed.

Delcatty doesn’t learn any moves. Wait to evolve a Skitty with a Moon Stone until it has learned Double Edge at level 42. Then, hopefully have a Delcatty with Double Edge, Faint Attack, Sing, and Wake-up Slap.

Worst Stat(s): Defense and Sp. Def
Recommended Nature: Adamant. Most of the attack moves Purrloin can learn will rely on the Attack stat, rather than the Sp. Atk stat. If you’re planning on using TMs to teach special attacks, then go with Naughty and let the Sp. Def take the hit.

Type: Dark
Best Stat(s): Speed
Worst Stat(s): Defense and Sp. Def
Recommended Nature: Adamant or Naughty
Best Learned Moves: Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Slash, and Assurance

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