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I just wanted to know so I could add him/her to my team

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They all are equal in stats. However, the three best are probably, Jolteon, Espeon, and Glaceon.

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Special tank, Hazer, and Baton passer all in one. Great pokemon with acid armour it is almost invincible. huge hp, S. Attack, and S.def.


The fastest good non-legendary special sweeper. Great, #1 killer of Gyrados


the worst by far is Flareon because of stat distribution and moves basically pathetic excuse for physical/mixed tank.


Amazing special sweeper second only to Alakazam in non-legendary psychic special sweeping.


The greatest non-legend wall only two weaknesses, Great in both defenses + hp.


A great physical sweeper and Baton passer.


Great special tank with lots of defense.

All can use Baton pass

really it is a matter of opinion so i gave an outline
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They all have a base stat total of 525. Espeon is my personal favorite as I have one in my platinum and it is unbeatable.

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Their overall stats are pretty equal but each one can have its disadvantages. Vaporeon, my favorite, is best with its health but isn't as good with stats like speed and defense. Flareon is extremely good with attack but isn't as good with defenses. Espeon is really good with specials and speed but is horrible with attack and defense. I know this because I have all 7 forms with an Espeon at level 96. It's speed and special stats are over 200 but its attack and defense are under 150 and it's defense it only at 112 or so. The best I would say is Joteon or Glaceon.

Actually every Eevee evolution has advantages and disadvantages. It's just what you want to have and focus on.
If you want a more tanky character Espeon isn't going to work indeed specially on lower levels. But that isn't where espeon is builded for.

Espeon stats on sp.atk/speed are really really strong, these are the only stats that matter for the pokemon to start with. Espeon isn't going to tank a lot of dmg, because its job is to start the fight and finish your oponent off with a hard hit right out of the gate.

For example: a level 35 espeon has about the same or even more sp.atk then gyarados that is lvl 55, or a lvl 45 espeon has more sp.atk then typhlosion at 60 or it has even more sp.atk then legendary lugia 10 levels under it.

It's fast, and its strong.

My skill setup on espeon is atm this ( lvl 71 ):
1) shadow ball ( i have it to kill other psychic pokemon with ) it 1 hits them easily as its a ghost attack
2) psychic ( your strongest attack by far, this just destroys every pokemon you throw at it with the stats espeon has, if it doesn't it lowers the sp.def and will even hit more harder the next round )
3) Grass knot ( the issue with shadow ball and psychic is, that it doesn't work well against water type / rock ones etc, this skill only does with espeon weight limit 60 dmg, but because of the high sp.atk and a lot of pp usages its incredible effective against those pokemons and a must in the build.
4)morning sun ( lvl 71 skill ) it heals your espeon for 50% which gives it survival if its needed. The only downsize is it's a late level skill.

You can solve issue's with fire / steel / electric types by replacing morning sun skill 4 with dig. It's super effective against that if you even had issue's to start with. i found out that psychic pretty much one hits fire/electric anyway.

Besides this Espeon has one of the best ability's:

Espeon ability = passes a burn, poison or paralysis to the foe. which in my opinion is a really really good add that prevents your espeon from falling behind when you didn't 1 hitted a enemy.

Specially the paralysis part is really handy, as it slows your first movement down through reduction on speed. Instead of falling behind by having to use a paralize cure and getting dmg without doing dmg that round, or fall behind in speed it automatically pushes the enemy with the same disadvantage which still gives you the edge. the burn/and poison are just bonusses.

I myself choice for espeon in soul silver, the reason for this is in short:

1) It's sp.atk + speed are ridicilous high.
2) yes alakhazam is probably better
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I would say to pick the one with stats the rest of your team lacks, if you lack defence Umbreon, lack speed Jolteon, lack sp. attack Glaceon, etc

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well they all have the same stats but umbreon has the least amount of weakness so i would say he would be the best

actually Jolteon has less weaknesses (Ground) and umbreon is weak to fighting, bug and fairy
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I Would Use Leafeon Because It Stats Are ALL over 200 but you need a water pokemon with it in the team to counter fire pokemon also Vapouroen is Always Amazing But Put a fire pokemon in your team like Infernape or Blazeiken to counter Fire Types Also with Vapoureon Make sure To Put On Scald IF you dont want to put a fire type on your team (Scald with sweep a Grass Poke in One to Two Turns.