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I've bred 2 Eevees; Modest Nature

-Eevee 1: Has 5 IVs HP, Atk, Def, SpAtk, Speed
-Eevee 2: Has 4 IVS; HP, SpAtk, SpDef, Speed

-Which Eevee would you evolve into a Espeon? and Why?


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Assuming that both Eevee have the same nature, I would evolve the second Eevee into Espeon. This is because of two reasons:

  • The second Eevee has a max Special Defense IV. This is good, because Espeon has a usable Special Defense and could use the extra buff that the first one cannot give.
  • This Eevee doesn't have max Attack. This is incredibly useful, because it minimizes the possible damage taken by the super effective Foul Play.

I hope these reasonings help you decide which Eevee to evolve. :)

Another reason to evolve the second Eevee is because it doesn't even need attack, it's a special attacker.
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kiplip foul play uses the opponent's attack stat and not the user's attack stat
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