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So I recently bought Pokemon moon and I really want an espeon, but because Pokemon moon is set 12 later (or was it earlier?) from actual real world time, i'm confused whether I evolve eevee at in game morning or real world morning. Can anyone help? Thankss :)


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Since the two games are twelve hours apart, Moon's day being Sun's night, and vice versa, you would need to evolve the Eevee in real world night, which is from 8 pm to 8 am, if my memory serves me correctly. Your 3DS would need to be set to the correct real world time as well, please remember.

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i tried doing it in real world day, but my eevee evolved into an umbreon tho. i then tried doing it in ingame day, and it evolved into espeon ._.
Okay so to get this straight:
Evolving your Eevee in the REAL WORLD day, which would be INGAME night, and it gave you an Umbreon. That makes sense.
Then, evolving your Eevee in INGAME day, which would be REAL WORLD night, gave you an Espeon. That also makes sense.
Oh, now I see it. I wrote real world day in the answer, which would be incorrect as that would give you an Umbreon. I'll change it now, thanks!