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It so happens that I get a fairy type move on Eevee first, max it's hearts and happiness in whichever order and then I plan on leveling it up. Would it evolve into a Sylveon or an Espeon/Umbreon (depending on time)?

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I've asked a similar question, can't find it though o3o

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Eevee would evolve into Sylveon because it gets priority over Umbreon/Espeon.

Source: experience in training alot of eeveelutions.

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I was planning on getting Sylveon but it came with Charm and Max happiness so I didn't want to risk evolving it into an Espeon/Umbreon. Thanks a lot for saving my Eevee! But just as a little side question, does Sylveon evolution out-prioritize all other Eeveelutions?
Sylveon gets priority, what if you didn't want a sylveon though; lol your bummed then
in a case where the Eevee has both the 2 hearts in Amie and a Fairy move and max happiness the Eevee will evolve into Sylveom rather than an Umbreon/Espeon since Sylveon get priority over them. my answer obviously helped the guy who asked the question.
Indeed  it helped. And if I really didn't want the Sylveon, I'd simply delete Charm ;)
Friendship is a different value from Poke amie Affection. Remember that.
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It would evolve into Sylveon. If you max it's hearts on Amie, than you'd get a Sylveon, no matter what time.

Source: Experience