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Apr 12 by CC ℠
Did you know that Agent P and Perry the Platypus are ONE AND THE SAME?
Jan 28 by Consider7
Jan 28 by Consider7
Yeah, I do! Her name's Flowersun! Here's what she'd look like:

Gender: Female
Fur color: Pure white
Fur length: Long
Eye color: Blue
Position: Warrior
Relatives: Tigerstripe (Father), Hazerabbit (Mother), Timbercloud (Sister)
Personality: Very quick tempered and feisty. She's also brave and cares about her Clanmates.

I got the names from the name generator on the Warriors website. :)
Jan 25 by Gladion Aether
Jan 24 by Gekky
hi fello warriors fan here
Jan 24 by Flaweon
I really like The Power Of Three. I don't really have a favorite character, though. I do like a LOT of characters. :)
Jan 23 by Gladion Aether
It has been 5 years since the gatekeeper found his oreo. Unfortunately, there was an attack on the hamster home by the Orange Orangutans clan, one of the 3 dynasties that ruled over the pet store. The others being Red Jorts and Grey Oreos.

One of the professors who joined the Orange Orangutans was none other than H. byleTh. No one understood why his name was capitalized like that but no one questioned it. He wielded the legendary weapon, the Dart of Creation. With it, he was able to incapacitate his enemies after 17 seconds.

Everyone though the gatekeeper was dead after the siege, however he actually survived. He wanted to raise the spirits of those whose loved ones and jobs were lost in the siege. However he could not reveal his identity, because he contained the power of portals and if the Orangutans figured out he was alive they would catch him and use him for their nefarious plots. So he disguised himself, putting on a red shirt, shorts, and to obscure his face, he created a spherical mask. This spherical mask was divided into 2 parts the top was red, while the bottom half was white. The division between them was black, and he carved out a face so cartoonish no one would think it was him. His method to raise moral was to give everyone his balls.
Which looks like his mask.

That, is the origin story of Ball Guy, savior of the universe.
Jan 2 by Gekky
NO! ITS NOT HER! DO NOT LISTEN! she is a liar
Dec 11, 2019 by Hellfire Taco
Hey, it's Syl! ^-^
Dec 11, 2019 by SylveonFairy2019