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NO! ITS NOT HER! DO NOT LISTEN! she is a liar
4 days ago by Hellfire Taco
Hey, it's Syl! ^-^
4 days ago by SylveonFairy2019
at least they're not as bad as the LEBANESE
Dec 7 by CrazyCradily
Nov 27 by Hellfire Taco
I think bisexuals would top but at the same time bi men don't exist :/
Nov 26 by CrazyCradily
Nov 25 by Hellfire Taco
The Gate Keeper checked the time. His shift was over. Before he changed positions with his successor of the day, he rummaged through his backpack. Nothing but dust. He had sworn he left some food in there. Oh well, he thought. He decided to just borrow money from the other guards. The one who always greets the professors well must be that kind soul right?

Unfortunately, he wasn't able to find anyone to borrow money from. His pockets were empty too. That was then he realized that he didn't need money, because he was actually a pet hamster, and there was a feeding tube right in front of him this whole time.

As he finally begun to consume the consumables in the feeding tube, he realized it was just dust! He was very confused, then he noticed a swirling vortex on top of the feeding tube. He searched around his enclosure, and realized it was connected to a portal at the bottom of his backpack. How he had not noticed the portal before, he does not know. But what he does know is that this means that that food he left in the bag probably fell into the portal. He appreciated this fact immensely. He looked inside the feeding tube, but none of his snacks were there. He did however, notice his keys to his hamster ball, so he checked into the little hamster pockets of his little pet hamster clothes to find the portal connects there as well. He finally found his Oreo.

The problem was, he lost his scissors as well, and he wasn't good at opening the bags snacks are packaged in. That is why this story took like 2 weeks to finish, because the author was just waiting for the hamster to open the oreo, totally not because of procrastinating.

Oct 19 by Gekky
cricket in da school what he be learnin tho
Oct 9 by Hellfire Taco
forgot to turn noclip off
Oct 6 by Felix⠀