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I have two Eevees, and I'm looking to make one of them into an Espeon.
One of them has a Modest nature, and one of them has a Mild Nature.

At level 5 right now:

EEVEE - Modest
Attack: 9
Defense: 10
Special Attack: 9
Special Defense: 11
Speed: 11

EEVEE - Mild
Attack: 11
Defense: 9
Special Attack: 11
Special Defense: 12
Speed: 11

My assumption based on these stats is that the Mild one is better, but isn't Modest suppose to be one of the best natures for Espeon? Why is lower, and which should I choose?

Why not just breed the Modest one for better stats?
The modest Eevee's stats might be lower because of IVs, which you can fix by hyper training.
Mild: SpA+ Def-
Modest: SpA+ Atk-
Your Choice ;)

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Of course you should choose the Modest Eevee. Here's what a Modest nature does: +Sp. Atk, -Atk. Since you don't need attack anyway you can lower it rather than lowering your defense with a Mild nature (which also raises Sp. Atk just like a Modest nature). The only difference is that the Mild one has 2 Sp. Atk stats more than the Modest one. But the Modest one has a slim change a surviving a physical move, with the proper training. But I suggest you breed for a Timid Eevee.

I hope I helped!

timid eevee for dayz
Are you saying it'll take days to breed a Timid Eevee or are you just joking about something? :P