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I'm a salty spiggle spaggle little dumbo flapperpus!
You can look, but don't squish.

I change this section sometimes to keep things spicy.

I'm an artist and avid story-writer (of horrific, disgusting, and mentally terrorizing things). My dream is to animate/make comics of my stories and put them all on the internet. But that's just a dream. Maybe someday. Someday. Until then you'll never know how much of a psychopath I really am.
My favorite band is Alestorm, I like to breed Pokemon and come up with interesting movesets, but I dislike metagaming/competitive play. I like to pop random fun facts or really bizarre things in the chat-room with no context, and I'm likely to post something strange and obscure on your wall at least once.
The last time I played CarnEvil was at a lousy pasta&salad place, if you're at an arcade and you see one I kindly demand you notify me with the exact location. Aside from Pokemon I also like to play a lot of The Binding of Isaac, and not to tickle my own tentacles but I'm pretty darn good!
Also, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Cthulhu?

So long as you don't know who I am, I know something more than you. So long as you cannot perceive my existence as finite, I am thus infinite. I exist in dimensions beyond your comprehension because you have never comprehended my true self -- for you are unable to. A transient thought, an image conjured in your mind, is all you can make sense of me. Aside from that, in regards to my being, you only know what I let you, and therefor, I control a percent of your perception.

Call me a squid and I'll fight you to the death.
The dimension I live in mimics yours, except it's better -- you should stop by if you want to learn what it feels like to smell color. Having multiple limbs makes it easy to shiny hunt. I have eight problems but a ninth arm ain't one!

I've done the math, I've been playing Pokemon for 13 years.
I own Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, Heartgold, Black, White, White 2, X, Y (x2), Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, Moon, Ultra Moon, Sun, Ultra Moon, and Shield.
So far, SW/SH has BY FAR been the worst generation for me. I can only pray that things will get better...


My Gravatar has this stupid 1-pixel grey line on the bottom and no matter what I do I can't get rid of it and it shows up everywhere and I always see it and it pisses me off.

I pride myself on my long profile, I also pride myself on my ability to shapeshift and travel across the multi-verse. There are things I am not proud of, but those things are my weaknesses -- so why would I tell you them?


The Fire-type starters are all based on the Chinese Zodiac.
Charizard is the dragon, Typhlosion is supposed to be the rat, Blaziken is the chicken, Infernape is the monkey, Emboar is the pig, Delphox is supposed to be the dog, Incineroar is the tiger, and Cinderace is the rabbit.
Because of this, there will probably be 12 generations total, as there are 12 zodiacs. What is missing is the snake, the ox, the goat, and the horse.

During Alola, my brother and I predicted that the next region would either be the UK or India. It turned out to be the UK. Now we are predicting that the next region will be based on India and have an ox Fire-type starter, or it will be based on Australia and have a snake Fire-type starter.
Other contenders we consider are Africa, Italy, Mexico, or Greece.


Personally, I'm looking forward to the satanic fire goat starter...

Also, Pikachu has a lot of clones, right? Like Pachirisu, Togedemaru, etc. etc... It seems that Pincurchin is quite similar to Pyukumuku, doesn't it? If we're doing Pyukumuku clones now, then I nominate the sea bunny to be the next one.


---✪ ✪------PUT THIS----✪ ✪-✪ ✪----RIBBON---✪ ✪---✪ ✪---ON YOUR ---✪ ✪--✪ ✪--PAGE IF--✪ ✪---YOU KNOW---✪ ✪-✪ ✪---YOU’VE GOT----✪ ✪ ✪------THAT----✪ ✪-✪ ✪-----PURE STAR-POWER---✪ ✪
(Lucky 6☆ EX made this for me)

As of my profile's last edit on 3/13/2021 during 12:24 PM: I am 7991 days, 9 hours and, 24 minutes old.

Did you actually read all of this? If you did, good for you, I'm impressed...but I don't have a reward for you.
Life ain't fair!

And now I will helicopter away!

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Much like I made an effort to forgive (some) of the sins of Gen8 for Centiskorch's existence, I will grand pardon to whatever Gen9 does wrong for finally giving my brother an aye aye Pokemon.
Sep 1 by FlappersFlappers
"hAhaHa LeGeNdArY go Brrrrrrr"

[ I might be coming back from the dead I need to update my profile :0 ]
Aug 10 by FlappersFlappers
I want Smoliv as my son.

I will name him martini.
Jun 1 by FlappersFlappers
Tbh I came up with most of that while reading your previous wall post and the rest while writing that wall post itself haha.
Apr 30 by xPsydxck
On a whole another level in terms of what? The number of wall pages?
Apr 27 by xPsydxck
Mexico seems like a nice location. I wish they could revolve the plot around drugs and make the villain some sort of drug mafia, which is a real problem in Mexico, but that wouldn't happen since this is a pokémon game.
I wish they took more inspiration from the region the game is based in and revolve the plot around real life problems there. Not only would it make easier to form the plot but also involve the region more, making things feel more refreshing than the same 25 year old formala of go stop this crazy dude who's trying to destroy the world.
Apr 25 by xPsydxck
As soon as the saw the new fire starter I was like haha that Octopus dude's prediction turned out to be wrong. XD
Apr 21 by xPsydxck
Flap are you? :o
“ To read messages on this board: You must be level 15 or higher.”
Apr 21 by Syl ™
If this new region is Spain afterall then tell me WHY they didn't stick with the zodiac thing and make a fire bull starter!?
Mar 21 by FlappersFlappers
Yeah, cartoons joke about people hallucinating that their friends are food when hungry, but many people don’t realize that it could very well be reality.

Although, with sleeping, you have to be determined not to sleep because your body will try very hard to shut you down in the process. And for people like me who get insomnia, sometimes you really have to fatigue yourself to be able to finally sleep. :P
Jan 15 by Staka~