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Gender: Pure star-power, baby
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Favorite Pokémon: See About Me
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About me: Not your average every-day octopus...
I'm a salty spiggle spaggle little dumbo flapperpus!
You can look, but don't squish.

I might change this section sometimes to keep things spicy, with the exception of some links below.

I'm an artist and avid story-writer (of horrific, disgusting, and mentally terrorizing things). I plan on animating my stories and putting them on the internet some day, but not today, so until then you'll never know how much of a psychopath I really am. My favorite band is Alestorm, I like to breed Pokemon and come up with interesting movesets, but I dislike metagaming/competitive play. I like to pop random fun facts or really bizarre things in the chat-room with no context, and I'm likely to post something strange and obscure on your wall at least once. The last time I played CarnEvil was at a lousy pasta&salad place, if you're at an arcade and you see one I kindly demand you notify me with the exact location. Aside from Pokemon I also like to play a lot of The Binding of Isaac, and not to tickle my own tentacles but I'm pretty darn good! Also, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Cthulhu?

So long as you don't know who I am, I know something more than you. So long as you cannot perceive my existence as finite, I am thus infinite. I exist in dimensions beyond your comprehension because you have never comprehended my true self -- for you are unable to. A transient thought, an image conjured in your mind, is all you can make sense of me. Aside from that, in regards to my being, you only know what I let you, and therefor, I control a percent of your perception.

Call me a squid and I'll fight you to the death.
The dimension I live in mimics yours, except it's better -- you should stop by if you want to learn what it feels like to smell color. Having multiple limbs makes it easy to shiny hunt. I have eight problems but a ninth arm ain't one!

I've done the math, I've been playing Pokemon for 10 years!
Pokemon games I own:
Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver (x2, but I only use 1), HeartGold, White, Black, White 2, Y (x2), X, Moon, Sun, Ultra Moon, Ultra Sun.

I pride myself on my long profile, I also pride myself on my ability to shapeshift and travel across the multi-verse. There are things I am not proud of, but those things are my weaknesses -- so why would I tell you?

As of my profile's last edit on 4/28/2019 during 4:45 PM: I am 7,307 days, 1 hour, and 45 minutes old.

Below are the links that used to be on my Wall. I moved them here so that people can post on my wall, but the downside is that instead of just being able to click on them and go to the website now you have to spend an extra two seconds copy/pasting them into your search bar. The horror!

I drew this Stakataka:

If you want to contact me privately you can go to my GameFAQs account and send me a PM, or you can just make small talk with me, or you could compliment me on my magnificent banner (but I'm not as nice on GameFAQs as I am on here, also I swear with virtually every sentence.):

Check out what Pokemon with Egg-Moves/Hidden Abilities I will breed for you. I also have shinies for trade in exchange for Pokemon I want:
(lol not yet, currently revising this doc)

I have my favorite and least favorite Pokemon arranged by Type and other categories. I change my 3rd alltime favorite often because I can be indecisive:

Did you actually read all of this? If you did, good for you, I'm impressed...but I don't have a reward for you.
Life ain't fair!

And now I will helicopter away!


---✪ ✪------PUT THIS----✪ ✪-✪ ✪----RIBBON---✪ ✪---✪ ✪---ON YOUR ---✪ ✪--✪ ✪--PAGE IF--✪ ✪---YOU KNOW---✪ ✪-✪ ✪---YOU’VE GOT----✪ ✪ ✪------THAT----✪ ✪-✪ ✪-----PURE STAR-POWER---✪ ✪
(Poké Guy Fieri made this for me)

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I think too many precious resources are wasted on stuff like Balloons and Fireworks- namely Helium and Gunpowder. :P
2 minutes ago by Staka~
1 day ago by SeeYaLater!
I actually was scared you where ignoring me lol.
Don't really know what to answer, you pretty much covered everything. :)
2 days ago by SeeYaLater!
Chicken Wing Chicken Wing,
Hot Dog and Baloney,
Chicken and Macaroni,
Chillin' with my homies.
May 12 by CrazyCradily
Do you know how to tame a wild cat that runs away? I’m not using a trap.(unless cat food OUTSIDE counts)
May 12 by SeeYaLater!
But then I can't do my duty of providing cover in dangerous situations, like the event of an Explosion. Don't worry, an Explosion is a normal type move and does 4 times less damage to me than you. Also, my Defense is that of a Titan. :P

Now all I can think of is a Stakataka tent. Slogan: The tent that fights the wilderness for you. :P
May 11 by Staka~
Alright, I need an opinion on this:
Am I a pervert? I wall stalk even though I am a wall... XP
May 9 by Staka~
Flappers, question, what do you think about fireworks? I think it's horrible for animals. Most animals have more sensitive hearing then us. And i'm pretty sure these things can hit birbs, or even fall down and wound animals (like insects are ded bruh). Though not sure. sAlso: "As dogs hear higher frequency sounds than humans, they have a different acoustic perception of the world. Sounds that seem loud to humans often emit high frequency tones that can scare away dogs." ~Wikipedia
Imagine New Year happen while being a dog. I will be surprised if there ain't a movie about animals and New Year.
May 2 by SeeYaLater!
That is so cyoot!
May 2 by SeeYaLater!
Nature is weird, but that is what makes it cool. I like to talk about real and sci-fi biology, but we usually end the conversation arguing about something. :P
May 1 by Staka~