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I get 4 shinies every month just from playing GO, which I started late 2020. But I have had terrible luck beforehand... I only ever got 3 shinies between Gen4 and Gen7 (not counting guaranteed shinies or ones from the Ultra Warp Ride). I've also yet to get a shiny in SwSh, but I also have been slacking off from shiny hunting in SwSh. :P
1 day ago by Staka~
Lana: That's the Wishiwashi from before.


3 days ago by FlappersFlappers
oooh that zodiac thing sounds so cool :D i really want an india/australia region next year!
6 days ago by ★~Furret1034~★
Actually haha I pressed an orange  highlighter to my camera and used that as my grav. Cool huh orange is my fav color
Jan 7 by ~megaltaria~
Sorry, the Stakataka are currently being used to build the wall between Ultra Space and Alola. Please contact President Gumshoos for possible concerns or Stakataka procurement. Bzrt. :P
Jan 7 by Staka~
Eh, I can tank a Psychic. What you should be doing is throwing your Aura at me, because apparently it never misses and obliterates me in a single blow. :P
Jan 6 by Staka~
Definitely does. All orange objects have their essence forcibly taken from them. Socks... can have a ton of essence. It increases exponentially the longer someone wears them.

I don't enjoy absorbing sock funk

Also, he has amazing hair
Jan 6 by WhoGotzDaFud
Holy Hell I actually updated my profile for the first time in 2 years.
Jan 5 by FlappersFlappers
Oh, no, dearie, spare me the 17.125 rounds of octopus slapping suffering!

What do you do if I Gyro Ball? You could lose an arm... or eight... Ah, but they grow back, don’t they? I’m sure you’d swing again as soon as each grows back. :P
Jan 5 by Staka~
Dec 31, 2020 by Lucky 6☆ EX