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I'm interested in raising an alolan raichu or perhaps an electrode and would like to try a more unique build using electro ball. Would a modest or timid nature be best and why?

I intend on using this team primarily in the Battle Tree and in online Battles.

Also would raichu's ability surge surfer effect the damage as well?

Thank you in advance.

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Electro Ball takes all changes to the speed stats into account, except for Trick Room. This includes Choice Scarf, Surge Surfer, nature and EVs...even the move Speed Swap!
I ran some damage calculators and it seem that modest will still give more damage, but timid stops you from getting outsped by other fast Pokemon.
Who are you battling with this Raichu or Electrode? In-game trainers, other people, or something else?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
No. Theoretically, you could cover all of those scenarios in your answer. I'll only take threads down for lacking detail if it makes them very difficult or impossible to answer.
With that said though, I will change this question to give it some more focus. @Trainer Dal, if you do not want advice for competitive play, then please edit this question with the correct detail on how you'll be using the Pokemon.
Thanks for the flag.

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As the Mystic person said, electro ball does take surge surfer into account.
As for competitive advice, the main reason why electro ball is bad is that it's stronger than thunderbolt only if the opponent's speed is less than 1/3 the user's speed. Max speed Electrode has 222 speed, and 1/3 of that would be 74. The chance of an opponent having any Pokemon slower than that is around 10%. Additionally, if the opponent gets 4 balls without getting 3 strikes, then he/she/it walks to first base. So if you want an electric attack, just use Zapdos or therian Thundurus with thunderbolt.