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I am currently raising a competitive Dragapult as a special sweeper with choice specs, but am not sure which nature it should have. I have written its information below.

Name: Dragapult
Nature: Modest/Timid (idk which is better)
IVs: All 31 (All best)
EV Spread: 252 Spe, 252 SpA, 4 HP
Held Item: Choice Specs
Dragon pulse
Shadow ball
Fire blast

Is a modest or timid nature generally better for a competitive Dragapult? Thanks in advance!

Also, I'd suggest using Draco Meteor instead of dragon pulse because Dragapult will most likely be an OHKO or a 2HKO and it doesn't really matter about the -2 sp.Atk drop because either way, you're dead soon.
But if you have good justification as to why you want to use dragon pulse, that's fine.

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I think Modest would be better, because his speed is a crazy high 142, which is outsped by very few. Zeraora outspeeds you by by 1 point, and then again, it might have jolly anyway. As stated by xx_Mythical, Draco Meteor might be a better choice because it will be knocked out pretty quickly anyway. As for an ability, get Infilitrator so you can break through subs. So the set would be:
[email protected] Specs
EVs:252 Sp.Attack 252 Speed 4 HP
•Shadow Ball
•Dragon Pulse/Draco Meteor
•Fire Blast

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The Timid Nature is slightly better than the Modest Nature. Since you already have the Choice Specs, you don't really need to have Dragapult boast more on its Special Attack, so that's fine, but you may think that Dragapult's Speed is Overwhelming, but a Leafeon with certain conditions can easily beat Dragapult's amazing Speed ( and it can 1 hit KO using Knock Off). On Showdown analysis, your Dragapult's stats are:
HP 317
Atk 248
Def 186
Sp.Atk 299 (not counting in the Choice Specs)
Sp.Def 187
Spd 421
Here is the Pokepaste link:
Timid or Modest Nature for Dragapult answer

I've hoped I've helped!

Why pick Leafeon as an example? Dragapult is played in formats like OU, BSS and VGC where Leafeon is not remotely a relevant Pokemon.
I could not think about another Pokemon, according to Showdown and Smogon, the Timid Nature is better. Zeraora is counted as a OU with 1 base speed higher than Dragapult.
Is there a noticeable difference between a 449 SpA stat for Dragapult (Timid) and a 492 SpA stat (Modest) or would both usually be able to OHKO with Specs + STAB Shadow Ball (excluding dark and normal types)? This will decide for me which nature is better.