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Gender: Male :>
Country: Australia!
Favorite Pokémon: Cinderace... Dragapult... Landorus-T... Incineroar... Gyarados.... Drifblim.... and my good ol' boy Koko
Friend Codes: Discord: xxMythical #3318
Switch: SW-1110-3969-6026, SN: xxMythical
About me: Heavily influenced by Wolfe Glick! Mainly started researching about Pokemon VGC afterseeing 2016 Wolfe Glick vs. Jonothan Evans....
That was about 2 months ago :>
I play a lot of Ranked Battles on Sword and my record so far is 19-9 (Tier 8)
My original team was based around Talonflame. However, it got me on a 1-4 streak and I decided not to use it anymore...
Thinking of using a rain team + trick room with redirectional support from Amoongus!

Anyways, my name is xx_Mythical and I joined PokemonDB in mid-July 2020. I have been using Pokemondb.net ever since 2018 when I used to play Pokemon Emrald, Ruby and Sapphire on Emulators...
I enjoy Pokemon a lot and teambuilding is always fun. My EV spreads tend to be focused a lot on defense rather than slapping 252 speed and 252 attack.
I will ask questions related to VGC very often so keep your eyes out for me!

So far, I've got a 10-5 (win-lose) ratio in the battle of legends! My team revolves around Necrozma-Dawn-Wings to counter Zacians, Solgaleo and other steels with Earth Power!
I found the best sets for Incineroar and Togekiss in the Battle of the Legends! Togekiss straight up gobbled Urshifu's Wicked Blow and Zacian's Behemoth Blade!

I'm a big wolfey enthusiast and my dream is to win in any Pokemon-related competition. I'm aspiring to begin participating in senior-division VGC next/this year, and hopefully, with consent by my parents, be able to experience the real life of a VGC competitor! Am extremely excited~

As of 17th of October, 2020, I am beginning to prepare for series seven. Time to activate big thonk mode and find a good team (hopefully with Gallade16) to gain the attention of Pokemon.com!

**as of 14/8/2020, I now have more than 30 points!**
**Also Big thanks to Gallade16 for helping me teambuild - much appreciated**

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You joined on so close to my birthday...
And oh yeah, you like Cinderace and Dragapult. Awesome!
Nov 5 by ~Dragapulse~
Awesome! I have no idea how Discord works but I think I've sent a friend request. I've been using the custom Series 7 Showdown! Server to practice, so we could communicate either on the chat there or on Discord. What I've been working with is this:


Far from finished, especially EV spreads, but the idea is that Metagross outspeeds -1 Cinderace. Incineroar helps against Kartana endgames and psyspam, and Urshifu is a good late-game cleaner, especially against Celesteela, which I've faced multiple of  that just stack cosmic powers and leech seed.

Also, what times are you around? Since you live in Australia you're probably asleep, haha.
Oct 17 by Gallade16
Yes! I am definitely interested!
How will we collaborate though?
Oct 17 by xx_Mythical
Would you be interested in collaborating on a series 7 Clear Body Bulldoze Weakness Policy Metagross team? I think it could be interesting because It actually outspeeds Tapu Koko at -1 and can OHKO Dynamax 252/252/4 Koko at +2 with max quake with just 12 attack investment (Not including Bulldoze chip). It's also immune to Landorus-T's Intimidate and has ice punch. I thought you might be interested because Metagross would be so strong at +2, especially with Quake, Steelpike and setting its own Psychic Terrain that there's a lot of options besides 252/252/4 spreads.
Oct 14 by Gallade16
uhh yes I do as a matter of fact :>
Oct 12 by xx_Mythical
Weird question, but do you use pikalytics?
Oct 11 by PossiblySomeone
In double battles, it's like Chess. You have to think what the opponent will try to do and think how you can counter it. For example, obviously you want to switch Rillaboom out if it's up against GMAX Cinderace - but that's an obvious one everyone knows. You need to think if the Dusclops will use Trick Room on you, so you should taunt it, or if you think a mon will definitely switch out, you can TRY anticipate it.

However, I think the most important things in VGC doubles format are these two:
1) Preparing your team well.
You want to run calcs, analyze team weaknesses and think how you can counter them. Are you prone to a GMAX Cinderace who will absolutely obliterate half your team? Then use Scarfed Dracovish to outspeed and OHKO it. Is Togekiss going to get OHKOd by Zacian and whatever you do with the EVs, Togekiss will still get OHKOd? Put a Babiri Berry on it.

You have to think of ways your team can perform in synergy and withstand attacks.

2) Team preview.
If a team is going to go full on trick room, BRING A TAUNT USER IMMEDIATELY or murder the trick room setter first. It's absolutely crucial at team preview to think:
- Which mons will do well here?
- Which mons won't do well here?
- What's their gameplan?
- How do I shut down their gameplan?

Those are just a few. However, the best way to get better is to just practice.
Good luck!

PS: Instead of chucking so much bulk onto Drudgigon, you could also just avoid ice-beam users in general -w-
Oct 11 by xx_Mythical
"My EVs tend to be focused on defense rather than slapping 252 speed and 252 attack"

I sometimes like to do defensive spreads that can surprise people.(if I can pull it off... )

Take a look at this Drudiggon moveset I created:
Druddigon @ Rocky Helmet  
Ability: Rough Skin  
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 SpD  
Careful Nature  
- Glare  
- Stealth Rock  
- Dragon Tail  
- Taunt
This can survive an Ice Beam, and someone once even thought I was running Assault Vest.

Also, what are some tips on becoming good at double battles? I want to start playing VGC whenever I get Sword/Shield or start on Showdown! in 2021. Seeing how VGC is a doubles format, and I'm not really good at double battles, as I want to try to force switches in battles.
Oct 11 by Porygon-Zangoose
Hey mate
Oct 5 by R3BEL
Oct 4 by xx_Mythical