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which would be better for a special sweeping gengar and which nature do most people use gengar with?


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The better nature to go with here is Timid, because if you go Modest, you will be outsped bu plenty of OU Threats like the 3 musketeers.

As shown here, Each Gengar Moveset runs Timid Nature.

thought so, but lol timid gengar...cant even imagine a gengar being timid
thats why i always chose modest over timid but oh well, it has nothing to do with the game
Another thing to mention, besides being outsped with 162 speed with Modest Nature, is that lots of trainers, use a max speed Espeon, Latios, or Latias, or even another Gengar. All of those are weak enough  for a Gengar with Timid Nature to one hit ko, holding the right item (Like WiseGlasses, Life Orb, Choice Specs, etc)
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