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I'm playing Pokemon let's go and since thiers no items Pokemon can hold in this game what would be the best nature for mewtwo. He can mega evolve into either x or y. Since mewtwo already has an insane sp. Atk I was thinking of using timid so he can hit first. What's your opinions?

I'm pretty sure timid is better.

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This is because a Timid nature allows Mewtwo to outspeed Adamant Mega Aerodactyl, Modest Mega Alakazam, Modest Electrode, +1 Dragonite, +1 Mega Charizard-X, Mega Gengar, and anything slower.
If using Mega Mewtwo Y, I still recommend Timid because it already has monstrous special attack, and outspeeding another Mega Mewtwo isn't bad either. Use Calm Mind if needed to boost special attack.
I don't play Pokemon Let's Go much, but I know this much.

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Mega Mewtwo Y has the Highest Speed in the game: Timid only allows it to Speed Tie a Timid Mega Mewtwo Y, unless we could transfer them later. :P
But mega Mewtwo X is better. Also, outspeeding another mega Mewtwo Y isn't bad. Anyway, editing my answer in reply.
Zygarde, Marshadow, Deoxyc, Necrozma, and Naganadel don't exist in Let's Go.