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Gender: Guy
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Exeggutor now. Seen its nintendo cup sprite? It looks a doof, and scary in the right mix.
Friend Codes: 2853-3242-2965 for 3ds
About me: Yo person who bothered to open my boring profile.
I love Pokemon, and am probably the best at it, even better than thy-lord-Pokémaster.
I am too good at battling- no person I have ever known has beaten me.
People I dont know tho? Yes, they have.
I have gotten the gold symbol at every place at the battle Frontier, and once did about 509 wins at the battle tree.
Want a battle (in which you shall probably lose)? Hit me up.
Wanna trade? Hit me up.
Wanna discuss Pokemon? Hit me up.
But I shall only accept when I have time (usually I do have some).
The only game I actually love on Nintendo? Pokemon.
Fav Pokemon? Shiny Battle-Bond Greninja (nonono- I mean in battles, not in the Anime). I don't have one though, and there is no legitimate shiny one too.
Fav item? Decidium-Z.
Fav Anime episode? I despise the Anime.
Fav battle format? Singles standard rules.
Fav game? Ultra Sun.
I can't seem to decide which is the best Mega Evolution- I love almost all of them.

Everyone's making a friend list.
-SeeYaLater (you saw this one coming- everyone's friend, but I'd say we are besties)
-Azelfeo (cool guy, damn generous- gives codes to me for free cuz he lives in the U.S. Also corrects my spelling for petty reasons)
-Alolan Vulpix (this cool baby boy on the site.  Loves small and cuddly Pokemon unlike me.)
-Molthree ( don't see him much now)
-Stakatakool (don't see him much either)
-Poké guy Fieri (my newest maybe friend.
That's it I guess.

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How's life?
Dec 2 by Azelfeo
Ooh, okay. I know, it's just that it's a nice suggestion.
Nov 29 by Azelfeo
Hi. I don't understand what you're trying to say... :/.
Nov 26 by Azelfeo
Shouldn't that be why it's a good name? If not then my dreams are crushed.
Nov 16 by Azelfeo
Okay, cool.
Nov 12 by Azelfeo
yo bestie
you should edit your Friend list, Staka is back, and Molthree is returning (?)
Nov 12 by SeeYaLater!
How have you been?
Nov 10 by Azelfeo
Thanks. Anytime.
Nov 7 by Alolan Vulpix
Don't worry, i believe you.
Oct 22 by Hórus
Oct 20 by Alolan Vulpix