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Gender: Guy
Country: India
Favorite Pokémon: Xurkitree, underappreciated potential as well as intriguing design
Friend Codes: 2853-3242-2965 for 3ds
About me: Yo person who bothered to open my boring profile.
I love Pokemon, and am probably the best at it, even better than thy-lord-Pokémaster.
I am too good at battling- no person I have ever known has beaten me.
People I dont know tho? Yes, they have.
I have gotten the gold symbol at every place at the battle Frontier, and once did about 509 wins at the battle tree.
Want a battle (in which you shall probably lose)? Hit me up.
Wanna trade? Hit me up.
Wanna discuss Pokemon? Hit me up.
But I shall only accept when I have time (usually I do have some).
The only game I actually love on Nintendo? Pokemon.
Fav Pokemon? Shiny Battle-Bond Greninja (nonono- I mean in battles, not in the Anime). I don't have one though, and there is no legitimate shiny one too.
Fav item? Decidium-Z.
Fav Anime episode? I despise the Anime.
Fav battle format? Singles standard rules.
Fav game? Ultra Sun.
I can't seem to decide which is the best Mega Evolution- I love almost all of them.

Everyone's making a friend list.
-SeeYaLater (you saw this one coming- everyone's friend, but I'd say we are besties)
-Azelfeo (cool guy, damn generous- gives codes to me for free cuz he lives in the U.S. Also corrects my spelling for petty reasons)
-Alolan Vulpix (this cool baby boy on the site.  Loves small and cuddly Pokemon unlike me.)
-Molthree ( don't see him much now)
-Stakatakool (don't see him much either)
-Poké guy Fieri (my newest maybe friend.
That's it I guess.

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4 days ago by SeeYaLater!
ok bud
4 days ago by Jimmy⠀
Hey! Would like to bring to your attention a new flavour of cereal, doing great success to Grape Nut Hut recently! Just google 'Grape Nuts'! Hope I interest you!
4 days ago by Jimmy⠀
Thanks I'll be sure to try some next time I go out to eat.
Also if you like pissing people off, then you can try saying "is the chat dead?" in the chat once every few days.
4 days ago by sumwun
Holy crap you're so funny
5 days ago by Hellfire Taco
I'm laughing so goddamn hard that I can't breathe
5 days ago by Hellfire Taco
Hilarious. You've achieved the height of comedy.
5 days ago by Hellfire Taco
5 days ago by Hellfire Taco
That's actually really sad. Pissing people off for your own amusement and nothing more is very asinine, to put it lightly. Don't do it.
5 days ago by Hellfire Taco