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I'd love to show my fanfics to you, but I technically only have one completed, and I wrote it in WordPad, so it's not on the internet or anything. It's episode 1 of a multi-part series. I really need to work on episode 2, but I'm being lazy as heck and not working on it. I won't quit on it though. I can't quit again...
Mar 11, 2020 by Yuya the Goggles
Pray tell, what's erotica?
Mar 10, 2020 by Yuya the Goggles
Hey, Stop swearing on my Christian Pokemon Game!
Mar 9, 2020 by iloveflareon
My hands are tied. Some of the regulars on this website are children, so I'm responsible for keeping things age-appropriate. You're all free to mock me for it, though.
Mar 8, 2020 by Fizz
OK, I converted that answer to a comment.
I think adding tags to indicate experience level is a good idea, but I might go with something a bit more categorical. I'll add 'low-elo', 'mid-elo' and 'high-elo' so people can indicate where on the ladder their team sits.
Mar 8, 2020 by Fizz
No problem. Let me know if you think there are more missing tags.
Mar 6, 2020 by Fizz
Ah right. There wasn't a gen-8 tag on the RMT section. I've added it now, using the same BH team you submitted, if you don't mind!
Tags don't keep between sections, unfortunately.
Feb 23, 2020 by Fizz
A gen-8 tag does exist: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/tag/gen-8
Though, had it not already existed, you should have been able to create the tag yourself when asking a question. Were you unable to do this, or was there a different reason you asked about the tag?
Feb 23, 2020 by Fizz
no i wont guess
Feb 22, 2020 by Syl ™
OK, i'll put on the profile sometime
Jan 20, 2020 by Hórus