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Favorite Pokémon: Pikachu. Please don't kill me
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Nintendo Switch(Neon R/B): SW-7437-4610-6513
Discord Tag: #7324
Discord Username: stall-fest
About me: "Mum has this special sugar, she says is not for tea but I put it in my tea anyway."

"There’s a point, 7000 RPM, where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless, and disappears. All that’s left is a body moving through space and time. Where it creeps up and asks. Who are you?"

Pokemon Games I've played:
- Yellow
- Crystal
- Sapphire
- Platinum
- Black 2
- Omega Ruby
- Ultra Moon
- Sword

Gen 5 and 7 best gens

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Hello. Ahh yes. Mum said that to me too
Sep 3 by ThatPokemonBoi
its okie :P
Jul 29 by CC ℠
ur inactive again
time to fetch my clipboard
Jun 12 by CC ℠
May 28 by Felix⠀
That's cool. Spray the package with disinfectants when it arrives, because, you know. And things have been pretty good for me too.
May 28 by Azelfeo~™
So, how have things been for ya?
May 22 by Azelfeo~™
May 16 by Azelfeo~™
other than that, luckily, lori and staka remain here <3
Apr 17 by CC ℠
they ded. i miss x-sciz, lonely pika, rahat (helix), idk where the hell did azelfeo go lmfao, joltie (joltiemongoAt), and WGDF :((
Apr 17 by CC ℠
be more active >:00
Apr 16 by CC ℠