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So... there's a game on pokemon.com:
> http://www.pokemon.com/us/fun-zone/online-games/play-to-befriend-a-pokemon_fg/

Apparently, you play until you get an Eevee evolution, and when you decide which one to get, you keep it, and you're able to go on your game (DS game) to get it via Wi-Fi. But, how do l decide? And how do l get it? Where in the game must l stop to actually receive one?

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If you want to decide:
Glaceon- Avoid every thing but the ice balls
Leafeon-Avoid every thing but the grass balls
Espeon-Avoid every thing but the Psychic balls
Umbreon- Avoid every thing but the dark balls
Flareon- Avoid every thing but the fire balls
Vaporeon- Avoid every thing but the ice balls
Jolteon- Avoid every thing but the electric balls

Don't forget to say yes If you got a pokemon you want!

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You hit the block that coresponds the color of the Eeveelution that you want to get if that is what you mean by" the game".

O.o' So you mean, l hit a certain block for that evolution, and end the game somehow to get the Eevee?
Don't end the game, continue
You have to play all four levels and only collect the orbs that fall with the same type as the eeveelution that you want.