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so I took the time to make eevee have max affection in Pokemon amie, so how do I get it to evolve now >.<

How do you check friendship. ._.
affection is different from friendship, to check that go to pokemon-amie and on the screen where you see eevee(not the actual amie itself but before you start) click on eevee and go to switch. It has hearts that tell you what its at.
So that's friendship?
i dont know to be honest

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You just level the Eevee up after reaching high affection, and have a Fairy move in its moveset (not confirmed; Eevee learns Baby Doll Eyes so level the Eevee up with that in its moveset; the Eevee has to be caught at level 19 or under to have Baby Doll Eyes though, since that move gets replaced at level 20).

& yea the hearts are Pokemon's affection level.

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I guess we both thank you :1
yea thanks
Oh by the way, I just got news from a Nuzlocker who says that she only needed 4 hearts to evolve Sylveon.
impossible you need max meaning five hearts
At what level does Eevee learn Baby Doll Eyes?
All I know is before level 19. However, you need to catch a level 19 Eevee because Baby Doll Eyes will be replaced by another move at level 20.
Oh and also, Marriland has evolved his Eevee into a Sylveon with less than 5 hearts. So I think the requirements are not as high as we think.
You only need two hearts. I got it with two.