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How come they're aren't any rock, ground, dragon, ghost, fighting, poison, flying, bug, and steel Eevee evolutions?

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Game Freak hasn't made them yet. That's really the only answer. If the pattern continues, and we get a new Eeveelution/Eeveelutions every second generation, we should be getting more Eeveelutions in Gen 8. But, that's just a theory.

No, the pattern is that we get Eeveelutions for special types. In Generation 8, they'll introduce a dragon Eeveelution, and then stop.
How do you know that?
Because all Eeveelutions already existing are special types. Fairy didn't exist before the category split, but if it did only have one category, I'm pretty sure it would be special.
Source, please?
Both are common internet theories, but they're just theories; there's no "source," per se.