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I love the Pokemon Gardevoir and I'm trying to raise a decent one. I got a Ralts from Pokemon Wonder Trade that seemed to be very good and the Pokemon Judge in Kiloude city told me the following about this one;
"This Pokemon has outstanding potential overall"
"It's greatest potential lies in its Attack stat, Sp. Attack is equally good, Sp. Defense is just as good, speed stat is good too"
"Stats like those, they simply can't be beat!"

I'm no expert but they seem to be fine, but there's a little problem - its nature is "Adamant" which means it has a decrease in Sp Attack and an increase in Attack, which is worthless in a Pokemon like Gardevoir.

On the other hand I got another one which stats according to the judge are;
"Relatively superior potential"
"It's greatest potential lies in its Sp. Attack stat"
"Speed stat is good too."
"Stats like those they simple can't be beat!"

They're not as impressive as the first one but the nature on this one is "Modest" which means an increase in Sp. Attack and decrease in Attack, which is ideal for Gardevoir.

So that's my dilemma - I don't know which one to choose. The first one seems awesome, but I don't know how its nature is going to affect it in its growth, and the second one is not that awesome but it has what a Gardevoir needs and a good nature.
However, I don't know if it's going to be better than the first one...

Help anyone?

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If the ralts is male it makes a good gallade

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If you're going to pick one of these rather than breed your own, the Modest one is clearly better. Special Attack and Speed are probably the most important stats you need on a Gardevoir, and according to the IV judge the Modest Ralts' Special Attack and Speed also can't be beat (which means the IV is 31, the highest possible IV) - the only difference is the Adamant one has better Attack and Special Defense, neither of which you particularly need (either one could have a higher Defense). Meanwhile, the nature will cause the Modest one's Special Attack, the most important stat, to be a lot higher - 383 vs. 314. There's no contest.

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In my opinion, neither.

Having the right nature is very important in competitive battling, and adamant Gardevoir is considered useless. If you want your Pokémon to be at their strongest though, your Pokémon should have at least 4 IVs, in the right stats.
I think you mean IVs, not EVs, as the Judge tells you what your IVs are, not EVs.
IVs are set once you catch/hatch a Pokémon, and you cannot change them.
EVs on the other hand, are gained by defeating Pokémon, and it is possible to take them away too.
If you were to choose one though, you are better off with the modest one.
My advice though is to IV breed for one with better IVs and a modest nature(depending on the set). You can set what nature the offspring will have by giving one of the parents an Everstone, and use a Destiny Knot to pass down IVs.
I'm not going to go in to a big explanation on breeding, but I will link you to a breeding guide.


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