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Basically what I need to know is, if I breed it ,will I only get three perfect IVs? I would really like to use the squirtle I have, but I need him to be a tank. Bold nature is suggested for that. What would you all do??


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I would keep breeding. You should breed the squirtle with some Pokemon that has 5 or 6 perfect IVs, preferably with a Bold nature. Have that Pokemon hold an Everstone (passes down nature) and have Squirtle hold a Destiny Knot (passes 5 of the parents' IVs to the child) and you should soon get a Bold 5IV Squirtle. And for future reference, these are the most important traits on a Pokemon in order:
1. Correct Nature
2. Correct EVs
3. Correct IVs

Personally, I think IV's are more important than EV's because IV's cannot be changed once an egg has hatched, while incorrect EV's can be easily fixed with berries (Kelpsy for Atk, Hondew for SpA, Qualot for Def, Grepa for SpD, Tamato for Spe, and Pomeg for HP).
It is true IVs can't be fixed, but in the grand scheme of things, IVs provide a max of 31 points to each stat, while maximum EVs provide 63- more than twice that- to whichever stat they're invested in.