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So I’m trying to breed a Dratini with perfect IV’s in Black Version. I have a male Dratini with an everstone (To pass its brave nature) and a female Dratini.

The Judge at the battle subway says the following about my Male Dratini:

“This Pokémon has Outstanding potential overall, incidentally I would say the best potential lies in its attack stat, defense stat, Sp. Attack & Speed. It can’t be better in that regard.” (So I am safe to assume it has perfect IV’s in Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack and Speed)

Then he says this about my female Dratini:

“This Pokémon has relatively superior potential overall. I would say the best potential lies in its Hp, attack, special defense, speed. It can’t be better in that regard.” (So I figure I’m safe to assume it has perfect stats in HP, Attack, Special Defense and Speed...)

Now the thing I can’t seem to figure out is how I can keep getting eggs that lack a perfect Attack & Speed when both parents have both... Sometimes I only get one perfect stat and other times I don’t even get one, it makes absolutely no sense to me since I thought each parent gives 3IVs randomly to It’s offspring... So yes it’s not guaranteed to make the perfect Dratini every shot but has the potential; but I don’t get how if both have perfect IV’s in attack and speed how not every egg is AT LEAST GIVEN THESE TWO!

Please anyone with knowledge on breeding or information I am missing would be greatly appreciated... I just can’t keep on bicycling back and forth hatching 5 eggs at a time flame body anymore...

-Thank you, Sincerely

You can guarantee that one IV passes down if the parent holds a power item, like a power anklet. (2 IVs if both parents hold different power items) Destiny knots also help with IV breeding in later games, but I don't think it works in Black.
Also why do you want a brave Dratini with 31 speed IVs? You know that brave lowers speed, right?
I’m aware of the power item pass down, but I suppose I wanted all to be 31 because isn’t that the highest you can get? And my male dratini has perfect attack and speed even with a brave nature. So I’m not sure how that’s a factor preventing that really in one form or another. His attack will just be higher than his speed, besides his speed is his worst potential anyway. I’m just trying to have a Dragonite with optimal stats.

But thank you for mentioning destiny knot, I wasn’t aware of it and I see it’s introduced in X & Y, and although super late to the game here lol I plan on playing through Black 2, X, Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun after Christmas. In reading about destiny knot I see that 3 of any bred Pokémon’s stats are random without destiny knot or a power item... No wonder why it was taking me a million tries, nothing is guaranteed.
Speed is the lowest stat, but that doesn't mean it's always the most useless stat. What do you want to do with this Dratini? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Subway, or in-game trainers?

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From Pokémon Platinum onward, the baby will inherit three IVs, each from a different stat and from a random parent.

So without power items, the child has a 1/2 chance of inheriting physical attack and a (probably not independent) 1/2 chance of inheriting speed, which will be 31 no matter which parent they come from. So I guess you just got unlucky. Use power items to divide energy over time and improve your luck.

This is some advice about why speed is more useful than special attack and why you should decide your moves before deciding what nature you want. It's intended for BW OU but works in almost every format newer than GSC. In BW OU, earthquake, outrage, dragon dance, and extreme speed are often considered 4 of Dragonite's 5 best moves. If those are your Dragonite's 4 moves, then your special attack is obviously useless, and you should get adamant nature.
However, if you want to hit Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Shuca berry users, then you need a fire attack, such as flamethrower or fire punch. Even though 252 SpA flamethrower might hit harder than 252 Atk fire punch, fire punch uses the same physical attack EVs that Dragonite is already using for its other 3 moves. So you can put all of Dragonite's remaining EVs into a more useful stat, such as speed. Even though Dragonite has high HP and defenses, slow tanks like Politoed and Tyranitar can often OHKO or 2HKO regardless of how much IVs or EVs your Dragonite has in those stats. The most reliable way to beat them is outspeeding and OHKOing them, which requires a nature that doesn't lower speed.