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I have never been told this and only recently learned it; I was surprised by what excellent IVs my legends had...how lucky I thought I was to catch a Regirock with 3 perfect ivs and a nearly perfect in Attack xD and a Premier Ball on the first try.... but that's irrelevant,

I suppose it's only fair they implemented this, but seriously how long have they done this?


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They started giving the legendaries 3 perfect IVs in X and Y. There's also a chance that they increased the odds of getting more than 3 perfect IVs as well.

Fun fact: Special Pokemon such as the Cosplay Pikachu also have 3 perfect IVs.

Source: Experience and legendaries from gen 5 and below not having any perfect IVs

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That would be why. I do not have either, OR was my first Gen VI game

Also I never tested my Gen V Pokemon...
Actually, any Pokemon that cannot breed is garunteed to have 3 perfect IVs, including Legendaries.
Actually, any Pokémon in the Undiscovered egg group has 3 perfect IVs