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Alright, so if I can't check the nature I'll have to know these things. It sucks, really.

Assuming that the Rayquaza has no EVs at Level 70, freshly caught, what are the stat values for each stat when they are at 31 neutrally and at a positive? I wish we had the kind of summary-surfing thing we had back in RSE, then I'd know for sure.

Also what is the stat value that will let me know I've definitely got a negative for Speed? I don't want to end up with something like a Quiet or Brave Nature :/


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The maximum stats are:

248 HP
236 Attack (259 with boosting nature)
152 Defense (167 with boosting nature)
236 Special Attack (259 with boosting nature)
152 Special Defense (167 with boosting nature)
159 Speed (174 with boosting nature)

The lowest possible Speed if its nature is neutral is 138, so anything below that means the nature must lower Speed; however, it may still have a -Speed nature even if it's somewhat higher, if the IV is good enough. (If the Speed IV is 31 but it has a -Speed nature, the Speed would be 143.)

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Thx! You're a great help :D