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No Hyper training available and neither have a Perfect IVs Ditto.

Is there any way aside from that? Is keep breeding and wish for luck the only way?

Alternatively, you can just hyper train it once you get it to level one hundred using bottlecaps

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A good way to get good IV dittos and rufflet is S.O.S chaining. A chain of 30+ will garuntee 4 perfect IVs. To S.O.S chain, use false swipe on the Pokémon when you find it, use an adrenaline orb, and defeat called Pokémon. You can get 4+ IV ditto and rufflet, and breed them with a destiny knot for good IVs

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EDIT: Geez, I need to pay more attention.

You could try SOS chaining. After a chain of at least 30 you’re guaranteed at least 4 perfect IVs, so you could hope to get lucky and get a perfect one. This guide explains how to do it.

This PokeBase Question also explains how to SOS chain ditto if you want to find a good IV one for breeding.

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