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I'm trying to get a perfect Snorlax, but I'm having trouble. I'm breeding a Lapras with all perfect IV's (except speed which is as low as it can be) holding a destiny knot, and a Snorlax with a perfect speed IV and a power anklet. None of the Snorlaxes born have carried down a perfect speed though. Can someone tell me what's wrong?

Why would you need speed for snorlax?
IMO you should check whether your Snorlax has full IVs in speed and is indeed holding a Power Anklet, many a times people mistake things there.
If you have a destiny knot, what point is there for a power anklet?
good idea, first breed your lapras to with a power anklet, then with your new full speed munchlax, breed it with your [email protected] knot & lovingly lend the new munchlax a power anklet and breed them together.
in theory, the destiny knot should pass down random iv's as the power anklet should pass down the perfect speed of the munchlax, simple.
ps. how the heck do you know the ivs of your pokemon?! don't tell me you lv them up to 100 straight up.
of so, your commited.
IV checker...?
at lv 1?
IV checkersays the same thing no matter the nature, EVs, level, gender, etc
yeah i was thinking calculates.

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The destiny knot is the item that allows a Pokemon to pass down ivs. If you lapras is holding it and it doesnt have the speed iv, the snorlax eggs arent going to have the speed iv

Firstly, Destiny Knot passes down 5 IVs from either parent, so it doesn't matter if Lapras is holding it.
Secondly, he has his Snorlax holding a Power Anklet, which should ensure the Speed IV is passed down.