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After 18 Froakie, all with torrent, I need an answer :)

I've been breeding the two following Pokemon:

Froakie @ Everstone, Timid, Protean (HA), Male
IVs: HP, Att, Def, Speed

Ditto @ Destiny Knot, Calm, Imposter (HA), n/a
IVs: HP, Sp.Att, Sp. Def

For some reason, after close to twenty hatches, I have not been able to hatch a Protean Froakie. As far as I know this should be possible, given males can pass down HAs now.
When breeding with females, males have a 20% chance to pass down HAs; is it the same for breeding w/ Ditto?
Could it also be due to the fact that Ditto also has an HA?

Thanks if you can help :)


1 Answer

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You've just had an unlucky streak.

Males have a 20% chance of passing down hidden abilities through Ditto breeding, which is a fairly small chance. You would just have to persevere because that hidden ability will get passed down in time. As of such, there is nothing faulty with your method.

Hope I helped!