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Gender: Male
Favorite Pokémon: Mega Gallade, Sylveon, Lucario, Incineroar, Delphox, Durant, Marill, Azumarill, Talonflame, and Hawlucha.
Friend Codes: 3DS: 3454-6380-2877
Mighty Regigigigas

I will always be up for a VGC battle and I'm learning Singles now!! Only NU so far, but huge thanks to PorygonZangoose for the awesome team.

Cool people on PokeBase:

Giga~Blade X: Super nice guy. Just don't ask where the first 15 Gallades went xD

PorygonZangoose: Thinks I'm qualified to teach them VGC. I'm flattered.

DeltaEmerald: Fellow Wolfey fan. What more can I say.

xx_Mythical: Awesome Teambuilder with lots of attention to detail.

~Chocolatte~ Really nice and the first person to welcome me to this site!
About me: I’m a beginner VGC player, I like funny Pokémon Gimmicks and Wolfe Glick is my idol.

My English teacher plays VGC! He reached Rank 2 on ladder :O

I reached Rank 644 on Battle Stadium Doubles on 8/3/2020! My goal was to get top 5000, but I just couldn’t stop once I got to 2500. My next goal will be top 500!

I won a VGC 2021 Showdown Tour on 10/26/2020!!

“I’m just an ordinary person surrounded by extraordinary people.”
-Wolfe Glick

I reached 1000 points on PokeBase on 10/7/2020!
I reached 300 points on RMT on 10/2/2020!

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your english teacher is cool
Jan 12 by SSuperiority
When I said I had a crush on Wolfe I meant I want to crush him in a VGC 2018 battle LOL
Dec 29, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
how old are you if your born jan 1999
Dec 27, 2020 by Hellfire Taco
Oof, sorry I missed it. Idk when I can battle, sorry.
Dec 12, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
No need to apologise! I can battle now and in around an hour.
Dec 10, 2020 by DeltaEmerald
Thanks! I will try the team, but one question about the first team. Will a Ally Switch on Dusclops help? I'm not sure...
Dec 9, 2020 by Swastik
I was sm 4evr before the changes
Also good that you have life stuff (unlike me where I'm stuck at home all day rip)
And thanks!
Dec 9, 2020 by ☆SleepyDreepy☆
Thanks! Also I use Discord, my name is Swastik Mishra#6133.
Yeah it was Nat Dex AG. I feel like playing Gen 7 OU over regular National Dex since they banned Dragapult, Dynamax and may even suspect cinderace lol.
Dec 9, 2020 by Swastik
Before the name changes, SleepyDreepy was sm 4evr
Dec 9, 2020 by SSuperiority
Thank you!
Dec 9, 2020 by Blaziken787