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Gender: Male
Favorite Pokémon: Mega Gallade, Sylveon, Lucario, Incineroar, Delphox, Durant, Marill, Azumarill, Talonflame, and Hawlucha.
Friend Codes: 3DS: 3454-6380-2877

I will always be up for a VGC battle but I don’t play other formats.

Cool people on PokeBase:

Mega Blade X: Super nice guy. Just don't ask where the first 15 Gallades went xD

PorygonZangoose: Thinks I'm qualified to teach them VGC. I'm flattered.

Rayquaza2753: Fellow Wolfey fan. What more can I say.
About me: I’m a beginner VGC player, I like funny Pokémon Gimmicks and Wolfe Glick is my idol. My dream is to play against him in Battle Stadium.

Did you know that Shedinja won a Regional (Fairly big) Tournament? (Delete the spaces)
https:// legacy.trainertower.com /sorry-a-shedinja-team-apology-aka-team-report/

I reached Rank 644 on Battle Stadium Doubles on 8/3/2020! My goal was to get top 5000, but I just couldn’t stop once I got to 2500. My next goal will be top 500!

I'm currently preparing to push for top 500 when the ladder resets in October. Wish me luck!

“I’m just an ordinary person surrounded by extraordinary people.”
-Wolfe Glick

I reached 800 points on PokeBase on 9/28/2020!

My first shiny in Pokémon Sun was a politoed. I was looking through my boxes one day to find trashmons I could release for space and discovered a shiny poliwag with me as OT. No idea how I got it, lol.

I have one other shiny in Sun, a Hawlucha! I got her in just 65 eggs on 7/31/2020! My first shiny hunt ever!

I’m now hunting for a shiny Azumarill. It’s been 800+ eggs so far, and I have 3 boxes of perfect marill (Adamant, huge power, belly drum and aqua jet, 5IV- no sp. atk), so If you want one just ask!

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Oh wow, you reached 644? Highest I've ever reached is early master ball. Good luck on 500 and Wolfe!!
1 day ago by Rayquaza2753
I know, right? Seems I was just at 7k. Good luck hitting 1k!
2 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Hi! What is your Showdown! name?
3 days ago by Swastik
Oof, sorry you can't come on as often. I've been doing well though, thanks!
3 days ago by Mega-Blade X
Haven't seen you around in a while. How have you been?
4 days ago by Mega-Blade X
I don't mind the explanation. :P
I might consider playing VGC21 on Showdown when the time comes.
Sep 17 by PorygonZangoose
Hey um... VGC seasons start over at the beginning of each new year, right?
Sep 16 by PorygonZangoose
Do you have either Pokemon X or Y? If so, have you entered the Hall of Fame yet?
Sep 3 by PorygonZangoose
Hey gallade. How ya doin
Aug 25 by ThatPokemonBoi
About the banlist that starts September 1st, is there a reason why those Pokemon are banned?
Aug 23 by PorygonZangoose