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OP IVs!!

Is it worth keeping?
I just like IVs but the answer is: Can Ho-Oh work out with this nature? If so please tell me how (not planing to just do in-game content I also want to play online as best as I can) Thanks in advise to those who could help me.

HP 181
Attack 146
Defense 110
Spec. Attack 130
Spec. Defense 174
Speed 110


2 Answers

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That is a bloody amazing Ho-oh that you somehow obtained. The IV's are spectacular and the ability is acceptable, albeit not great. Based on the information given, a Ho-oh could easily work out with this nature and its IV's. I would give it:

Sacred Fire - STAB bonus and great chance of a burn infliction.

Sky Attack/Brave Bird - With the decent attack of your Ho-oh, and the STAB bonus included, Sky Attack or Brave Bird will absolutely wreck opposing Pokemon.

Recover - Since this Ho-oh is pretty nice defensively, I would give it Recover to make him last longer.

This last move is really up to you, but I would give it Earthquake because of its offensive coverage.

If you want a Ho-oh with a better nature, you could keep going, but I advise you to keep this one.

I hope I helped.

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Yeah I suggest you keep it, unless you can find one with the same IVs and desired nature. Imo IVs are more useful and more better than the nature