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I want to catch regis and the birds and heatren etc in my soulsilver but I fear having to reset them thousands of times so they get good ivs too and can compete with the enemies.

your description doesn't match your question...
it does, he's saying he wants to use them in the battle frontier, but he doesn't want to reset for IVs, so he's asking if the NPCs have perfect IVs so he knows if he needs to reset or not
my bad, i read it incorrectly XD

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Just like the other battle facilities, the NPCs of the Battle Frontier do have perfect IV Pokemon.

For a full detailed guide on all the trainers in Pokemon Emerald's Battle Frontier, click here, while for a full detailed guide on all the trainers in Pokemon Platinum's Battle Frontier, click here.

Unfortunately for you, I couldn't find a thread containing a detailed list of all the Pokemon in the Battle Frontier in HeartGold and SoulSilver, sorry.

Source: Smogon

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Thank you :)
Pretty sure HGSS battle frontier is the exact same as Platinum battle frontier.
Is it? Oh, well, there you go then.