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I can keep running in and out with next nav, but is it worth the time?
Essentially, how helpful would it be in a nuzlocke?(and of course balancing this with the time it would take to find one and successfully sneak up on it. Note that I'm horrible at sneaking up on them, so I'd say I'd take three tries)

Is this like a speedrun nuzlocke?

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Yes! Gardevoir is an excellent Pokemon. Its STAB covers Brawly, Sidney, and Drake. It can learn other excellent moves like Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball, which further boost its capabilities. It may take a while to get one, but it can be a tremendous asset.

I didn't mention Gallade because you get a Dawn Stone ridiculously late, and you won't want to keep Kirlia around for that long.

Good luck on the Nuzlocke, and hope I helped!

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ok, let's hope I get one soon then lol(and hopefully I can sneak up on it unlike that DARN POOCHEYENA)
Good luck!
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(Note: Gallade does exist, obviously, but you can't get a Dawn Stone until you defeat Wally at Victory Road.)

Gardevoir Pros:
-Solid Special Attack
-Good Special Defense
-Wide movepool
-Can Mega Evolve

-Not the fastest
-Physically frail
-Psychic/Fairy makes it weak to some common types in the E4, Rivals and Champion

Ability: Synchronize or Trace, either is good
-Calm Mind (learned at lv. 26)
-Psychic (Learned at lv. 31)
-Thunderbolt (TM given to you by Wattson)
-Moonblast/Dazzling Gleam (Learned at lv. 62/TM found on Route 123)

With these moves, Gardevoir can have supereffective damage against:
-Brawly's entire team
-Winona's team except for Tropius
-Wallace's entire team except for Wiscash

-Brendan/May's Wailmer, Wailord and Swellow (You chose Mudkip, correct?)
-Wally's Altaria and Gallade

-Maxie's Mightyena
-Archie's Mightyena and Sharpedo
-Tons of Aqua/Magma grunts

-Sidney's entire team
-Drake's entire team
-Steven's Skarmory

It also provides strong neutral damage, and coverage for tons of random trainers.
So yes, I do believe Gardevoir is worth your time.

Okay thanks to you too! And yes, my muddy boi is mudkip.
Yes, Gardevoir is good