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I got a Lv 15 Slakoth with the egg move Hammer Arm (wich killed my starter Torchic btw) via Dex Nav as my Petalburg Woods encounter. So I'm currently in a dilemma between keeping Monstrosity (Slakoth's nickname) from evolving to Slaking or let it do so. Vigoroth has far lower stats but it doesn't have the drawback of Truant.

Vigoroth Slaking


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Truant is nowhere near as major of a drawback in-game as it is in competitive. Slaking can typically do enough damage to OHKO most opponents, and not many Trainers have more than two Pokemon (excluding Gym Leaders, Elite Four, etc.). This means that if you play on shift style, you can OHKO a Pokemon and switch out for no drawback. Even if you don't switch out, Slaking is so incredibly bulky (150/100/65) it'll be able to tank a hit or several anyways.

Slaking @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Truant
- Strength / Return
- Hammer Arm
- Earthquake
- Play Rough / Slack Off

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Thanks! One minor nitpick though, Slaking actually have 65 Sp. Def, not 100
Ah, oops -- I was looking at its Speed :P
yes, but truant makes this pokemon extremely predictable, so they can just protect or detect or kings shield or any protect move or substitute.
@mee this is an in-game playthrough. Not many computer opponents know enough to use a protecting move (and not many even have one).