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Which one should I use for the post-8th Gym part of the game? I was considering using both Mamoswine and Bisharp but after going through the Elite 4 and finding that they use a few more physical attackers, I decided to keep a Steelix. There's also the possibility of using something else, but please make it a physical attacker.

If you're wondering why I'm thinking about using Bisharp when Mamoswine has better HP and Attack, and Bisharp has a 4× weakness, it's because there is a trade for an Adamant Bisharp which has defiant. Adamant is nice for a bit better Attack and Defiant is good because the AI likes to use moves that lower stats. Mamoswine may have a bad Nature and while I can always reset, I would like to try not to. And if you can, include a moveset for whichever you say is better, and where to make it learn those moves (like teaching it a TM).

Thanks so much, it's really been bugging me.

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Isn't the whole point of a Nuzlocke just catching whatever the hecc you find in your first encounter of the route?
Yes but I don't want to die. Don't blame me, it's essentially my modified rules because otherwise I'll be sad
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Let's compare their effectiveness:

STAB moves super effective against Malva, Drasna, Wikstrom, and part of Diantha's team. It does get slaughtered by Siebold and Malva, however.

STAB moves super effective against part of Diantha's team, and resists Drasna's Dragon moves, as well as her Dragalge's STAB. It does get decimated by Siebold's Clawitzer, Malva, and Diantha's Hawlucha.

Overall, I would say to use Mamoswine. Here's a potential moveset:

Mamoswine @ doesn't really matter
Ability: Thick Fat would be ideal, but you probably can't get that.
- Earthquake (Level 46)
- Ice Shard (Level 24 as a Swinub)
- Strength (HM)
- Stone Edge (TM in Frost Cavern) / Rock Slide (TM in Couriway Town)

Hope I helped!

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Alright,alright(nods slowly)I'll do that. Thanks!
You're welcome! I might actually suggest replacing Steelix with Bisharp as well, so you don't have that type overlap.
Ok. But the reason I'm considering keeping it is because it has impish cause it was from an in game trade, and it has like 133 defense and is only level thirty. Also, bisharp would just be destroyed by a suprise fighting move so I don't want that to happen.
That's a good point.
Oh, and Siebold's Gyarados has Intimidate, so that's an automatic +1 Attack for Bisharp if you send it out because of Defiant