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I am having trouble deciding for Black 2.

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Is this for a playthrough?

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They're both really good, but I think Lucario is ever so slightly better. You can get it earlier, it can run either physical or special easily, and its Fighting/Steel typing is great offensively and defensively. Its STAB nails a bit of Iris' team super effectively, and a ton of random Trainers throughout the game. It also gets some some very nice coverage moves.

Lucario @ anything
Ability: any
- Aura Sphere / Close Combat
- Strength / Swords Dance
- Poison Jab / Flash Cannon / Swords Dance
- Dark Pulse

Hope I helped!

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(I struggled with Lucario at starting, as it gets only Force Palm as its Stab move till lvl 51.)

I would suggest Swords Dance instead of.... Poison Jab / Flash Cannon.
Edited to include Swords Dance, thanks. I see why one may have difficulties, but Force Palm is still a pretty decent move, as an okay 60 BP move with a chance to paralyze can get you through quite a bit of the game.