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I dont know if I should go with bisharp or krookadile. I like them both and I need a dark type so which would be the best?

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For ingame I would definately go with Krookodile. You get its pre-evos early in the game, so it is very helpful in that regard. And it quickly proves its worth vs Elesa. It also has a higher Speed stat, and a sweeper based spread is usually ideal for ingame uses. Ground type STAB is also much better offensively than Steel type STAB. Earthquake proves to be incredible, 100 base power+STAB off of Krook's solid Attack stat will easily destroy the foe. Especially with a couple of Moxie boosts under your belt.

As for competitive, the two are fairly even. Krookodile is an excellent Scarfer thanks to Moxie and its STABs. But Bisharp has an excellent niche in being the best user of Sucker Punch in the game. After a Swords Dance or two, plus a Sub set up, nothing can stand against Bisharp as it OHKOs everything in its path. Even Intimidate won't slow it down, as it has Defiant to boost its Attack by +2 when it has a stat lowered. This also makes it a solid check to Shaymin.

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thanks so much its for in game so im goin with Krookodile. :)
krookodile awsome im testing bisharp