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i need to choose for in-game black 2 which sand Pokemon I will use.

i also need a moveset.

thanks in advance

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I'd say Krookodile because Moxie or Intimidate comes in handy and you don't see sand outside of the Desert Resort rendering Excadrill's abilities useless unless you want to put Sandstorm on it :P

Ability: Moxie / Intimidate
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Superpower / any move of your liking

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thanx :)
Mhm :)
Yeah, Krookodile is the way to go. I wiped out Elisa with Sandile and Shauntal and Caitlin with Krookodile.
I would go for this slightly different moveset:

-Stone Edge
-Dragon Claw
-Foul Play/Crunch
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I would say Krookodile.
He has really good stab moves and he also does better on the Elite 4, champions w/ dragon types (outrage) and all that.

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