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I'm thinking of my future team and I'm wondering which one: Excadrill or Krookodile?

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In general, Kuroyupii's answer tells everything. But for your team, you might struggle against Shauntal without Krookodile. Krookodile's Foul Play also hits hard against Drayden's Haxorus after a Dragon Dance.
@~TastyMushroom~ ):< I have updated my answer to suit OP's team as well as your reply. Better?
Perfectly fine.

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[**Updated since OP already updates their post**]
Let's Compare the two



Amazing Base ATK of 135
Good HP in 110 Base
Learns Swords Dance and Earthquake via Level-up, making it incredibly strong.
It's ability makes it a good partner to a Sand Stream Pokemon in Double Battles
Has 7 resistances, one of which a whopping 1/4 resistance and 2 Immunities, making it good defensively
Drilbur can be found very early on in Wellspring Cave


Mediocre Speed of 88 Base
Pathetic Steel STAB, being only Metal Claw (1)
Mediocre Defenses, making it a little vulnerable against types it's weak to



Good ATK in 117 base
Good HP in 95 base, making it a bit bulky
With 92 base SPE and enough training, it can outspeed and sweep
Has 4 resistances along with 2 immunities, making it decent defensively
Moxie is a good ability for a sweeper Krookodile
Gets Outrage, which is deadly with Persim Berry + Moxie combo


Mediocre defenses
5 Weaknesses, most of which are common types
Intimidate is pretty much useless against SpA oriented foes
Learns EQuake much later than Excadrill

Since you don't have a Dark-type yet, then prioritize getting Krookodile to deal with Shauntal. Like Shroomish (A.k.a TastyMushroom) said, You might struggle against her and Foul Play hits hard for the Dragon-Dancers.

Krookodile @ Persim Berry/Any
Ability: Intimidate/Moxie
Recommended Nature(s): Adamant (+Atk -SpA)
- Knock Off/Foul Play
- Earthquake
- Outrage
- Stone Edge/Filler
If you are fearless, however, go for Excadrill. Although outclassed by Krookodile in your case, it doesn't change the fact that Excadrill is still undoubtedly strong. If you're going with Excadrill, however, then you probably would need to hassle with finding another Dark/Ghost-type to counter Shauntal, unless you're fine with neutral match-ups.

Excadrill @ Choice Band/Scarf/Any
Ability: Sand Force/Sand Rush
Recommended Nature(s): Jolly (+Spe -SpA)
- Earthquake
- Swords Dance
- Protect/Rock Slide
- Iron Head (2)

Hope I helped! ^^
[Note 1: *Excadrill gets Iron Head through Move Tutor in B2/W2*]
[Note 2: *You may be able to get Iron Head by transferring your Excadrill to B2W2, teach it Iron Head then transfer it back again to your Black save file. Please tell me if this is possible or not, though, since I've never tried it*]

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You get Drilbur in Wellspring Cave, before Lenora's gym.
Oh my bad. I was thinking about Black 2 that time. I'm going to fix that real quick
88 base speed isn't mediocre for an in game play through
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so lets talk about two of them

krookodile have a great attack and a decent speed, so it could OHKO something without getting hurt. all of krookodile ability is AMAZING (literally), with moxie, and intimidate. moxie as a your main in-game sweeper and intimidate to reduce strong attacker. its typing is pretty balance, with 6 weakness, 4 resistance, and 2 immunities.
its moveset isnt diverse but definitely could workout.

excadrill have an amazing attack, its attack is literally is STRONGER then garchomp (excadrill:135 and garchomp:130) but excadrill speed is average and its defense are spc.defense are BAD. so it could get outspeed and knockout excadrill(but if excadrill outspeed it has a big chance of knocking out its opponent). excradrill typing is definitely really good, with 7 resistance, 2 immunities, and 4 weakness. its ability si pretty bad unless you have sandstorm out in the battle.

so out of this, I'm gonna choose krookodile out of excadrill
here is the moveset for krookodile

krookodile @anything
ability: moxie or intimidate
nature: I recommend boost your attack or your speed
- earthquake
- thrash/strength/filler
- outrage/rock slide/stone edge/filler

but, if you have type overlap or something like that I will give you excadrill moveset

ability: sand rush or sand force
nature: dont lower your attack
- earthquake/drill run
- metal claw (the only steel type damaging move excadrill learn in BW)
- hone claw/sword dance
- filler

im gonna recommend some steel type Pokemon to use other than excadrill
Ferrothorn and Durant are pretty good option for your steel type

so, my point is krookodile is better than excadrill in my opinion

Hope I helped!

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Prior to Gen 6, Excadrill has 7 resistances only since Fairy-types doesn't exist yet

Also, while Excadrill's defenses are mediocre, Its' HP at 110 base helps it to tank one or two super-effective hits.
ah yes, i forgot, let me edit that