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Hello I’m back at it again! I’ve progressed quite a bit (to Castelia City) and got a Sandile on Route 4 for my final team that I’ll use for probably the rest of the game, but here’s the thing. I have 2 Normal types: A Herdier with Intimidate (Brave Nature) and an Audino with Healer (Naughty Nature). I want 1 of these for my team but I can’t choose which one. I know each have their pros and cons but I just want to know which one I need! Thanks!

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Stoutland is much, much better because it has usable stats. Audino is good for EXP and nothing else.

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Stoutland no doubt.
Stoutland's got a usable Attack stat of 100 and a pretty good bulk of 90/90 Def and SpD. It also has a wide physical movepool of the Elemental Fangs and can utilize return well.

Stoutland is much, much better because it has usable stats. Audino is good for EXP and nothing else.
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Refer to Amethyst's comment as well. Audino basically exists for Exp and HP EVs grind only as it has little offensive capabilities. If any, it'll be useful only in the lategame battle facilities as a Doubles support.
Stoutland @ Leftovers/Any
Ability: Intimidate
- Return
- Thunder/Ice Fang/Dig
- Crunch
- Work Up/Aerial Ace
Hope this helps!

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Why do you use any of the fang moves when dig is stronger and super effective against more types?
Also. the WR attempts for BW Speedruns are almost exclusively Stoutland or Emboar runs, so it's definitely one of the best Pokemon in-game. Return + Crunch + Dig can pretty much beat the whole game.
Burn Orb? Do you mean Flame Orb?
Why do you recommend Flame Orb at first place? This is the worst item for Stoutland since it doesn't get access to the Guts ability, to make the well known combo with Flame Orb and Facade. Otherwise Stoutland's Attack will be halved and lose HP each turn, also you don't get access to that item until you beat the game, which allows you to do Subway battles and earn BP in order to exchange for a Flame Orb and other items.
I totally forgor :skull:

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