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Doing a Pokemon Black DTQ and for my last Pokemon I can't decide between Krookodile or a Darmanitan. I'm not sure whether or not I want to go for Krookodile or Darmanitan and I've looked online and most people say Krookodile is a vital Pokemon when it comes to fighting the Elite 4 and Ghetsis. Not much has been said for Darmanitan, though he will have good use against Brycen. Which is generally more efficient for playthroughs?

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what is dtq?
Dream Team Quest. Its where you make a team of 6 shinies that you'll hunt during your playthrough.

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I recommend you using Darmanitan. it learns Work Up, Thrash, Hammer Arm, Belly Drum and many good moves.

Krookodile is also great Pokemon. it learns Earthquake at Level 54 and Outrage at 60, but your Hydreigon can handle Shauntal and Caitlin easily. also, Darmanitan learns Superpower so you can replace Hammer Arm for it.

Don't replace Bouffalant, it is a great Pokemon. It's a normal type so that means it has only one weakness and that is Fighting. it learns Revenge and Megahorn so you can easily handle Grimsley and you already have a Flying type so that's the Elite four done.

Darmanitan is also great against half of N's team. Superpower hits Zoroark, Carracosta and finish Klinklang and Vanilluxe with a Fire type move. But be careful with Carracosta, it has sturdy.

If everything worked out thank me.

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Darmanitan also learns fire punch and flare blitz at very low levels.
Ah I see. Thanks for the response. My only issue is I'm going to need a good ground type to defeat Elesa's Electric Types so if I sacrifice Krookodile for Darmanitan how will I be able to beat her? I think the only way I would be able to do that would be to seriously overlevel my team, or just outspeed them with Servine?
Darumaka can learn dig from the TM, so it should be very useful against Elesa.
Oh it can learn dig? Right that changes everything! Thanks for the response I think that's all I need to know then!
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Both Darmanitan and Krookodile are equally efficient, former having Sheer Force and learning Flare Blitz early, the latter having awesome abilities Intimidate and Moxie, learning Earthquake by level up and being capable of sweeping Caitlin and Shauntal, which Deino cannot achieve.

I would recommend Haxorus instead of Hydreigon, since the latter evolves so late (lvl 64, lvl 50 in case of Zweilous) and is available too late. Haxorus has the access of Dragon Dance and Mold Breaker which can sweep N and Ghetsis so easily. And Krookodile does handle Shauntal and Caitlin.

Ability: Mold Breaker (let's hope it to be mold breaker)
- Dragon Dance
- Dragon Claw
- X - Scissor
- Dig / Earthquake / any other move

Ability: Intimidate / Moxie (both are solid)
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Brick Break / Outrage / Strength

Bouffalant is alright, but you need to replace it with Darmanitan because Darmanitan hits harder, and is available very early.

Ability: Sheer Force
- Flare Blitz
- Rock Slide
- Bulldoze
- Superpower

Although, if I were to do that I'd have to spend extra time hunting for both and since Sandile has a greater chance to appear than Darmanitan I might Phase once or twice.

It might be difficult, but the result is worth it.

Hope this helps :)

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So you're telling him to use both?
Both instead of Bouffalant.

> Bouffalant is alright, but you need to replace it with Darmanitan because Darmanitan hits harder, and is available very early.

> Or should I replace Boufflant altogether and just take both Krookodile or Darmanitan.
Woah thanks for the reply, this is a ton. I know Haxorus is a good choice but I actually hunted it for my Pokemon White 2 DTQ and I wanted to go with something new, but as for your answer on Krookodile instead of Darmanitan I'll actually consider it since there both rlly good. Thanks for the answer though!
Why don't you use Darmanitan, Krookodile, and Bouffalant and not use Hydreigon? I think Hydreigon is the least useful Pokemon on your current team, because its stats are bad until it evolves at a very high level.
Good point.....training it until level 64 feels like a pain to be honest......Well what other pokemon besides Krookodile could replace Hydreigon?
Scrafty is probably better than Krookodile.